Ice is not something to be played with, it's something to be feared,❞
―Bylur, Tainted Frost

Princess Bylur Frelrim of the Kingdom of Icelia is the main character of the Tainted Frost series. She is the current ruler of Icelia and the crowned ruler of the Ice Clan. She is the main antagonist in the final book of the series.


Tainted Frost (book)

Bylur's story began when she was charged with murder and witchcraft for freezing her crush, Prince Humbleton, in cold ice with a single kiss on her sixteenth birthday, after sneaking out during a momentous party in her honor.

Although she didn't mean to kill the prince, her father excelled her against her mother's wishes and she ran into Christopher Galahad, a squire who went against his master's wishes in search of her in order to clear her name.

He claimed that when they were younger he had been her personal guard, and she believed this statement. He begin explaining to her that the powers she had were her special ability and that if he came with him to his master's training camp surely they could get in contact with someone who could help.

She became a member of the Ice Clan, a secret society of gifted magical people and the roots of the Frost King. There she began to embark on a quest to find the newly escaped Frost King and force him to reverse the spell he had planted on her.



Official Description

"Bylur was beautiful. She was slim and quite a gem. With hair that flowed down to her waist like a white waterfall and pale skin and matching eyes, she had the look of a dominant and powerful young woman, which she very much was. She cased a spell on everyone she met, and this one of the main reasons she didn't have male guards following her around,"

Bylur has long waist-length hair. She is very beautiful and all of the men of the kingdoms (her age and much younger) ask for her hand in marriage. She has pale skin and pale blue piercing eyes. She wears dark gowns to her mother's disgust and her hair is always in an elegant kept-up hairstyle in public. Her crown is made of lots of expensive materials.


Bylur is a very secluded young woman. She doesn't let all of the power she has go to her head, which makes her a levelheaded and thoughtful person, and an ideal ruler for a kingdom like Icelia.

Bylur has never been too interested in marrying any of the boys that have been put in front of her, and was never to big on romance and failing in love in general. She assumed all men were the same and that love would side-track her career and her goals.

Bylur can be cold and assuming. She is also very curious, always liking to keep track of where she is and who those around her are. She is excellent at giving wise advice, even to those she isn't necessarily close to.

Skills and Abilities


From a young age, Bylur has proven herself to be quite adept at dealing with being royalty. Regardless of what's going wrong around him, she remains calm, constantly using both her knowledge and her surroundings to improvise a solution. Even without her magic, Bylur has shown herself to be quite capable of taking care of herself.

  • Flexibility: Bylur is very flexible and able to fit inside any small space, whether it be a cupboard or a underground safe-room.
  • Incredible Speed: A skill she got from her mother the queen. Her mother was actually a Equestrian, so she had had plenty of time chasing around animals quicker them herself. This speed comes in handy many times on Bylur's dangerous life-or-death adventures.
  • Amazing Intellect: Bylur is able to solve problems quickly through her amazing smarts. She was taught proper classes by only the best while she was kept up in her castle tower for most of her teenage and younger life.


  • Ice Generation: Bylur can generate ice at a surprising speed do to her magical roots. She can generate ice into what shape or form she desires, but only when she's in complete control of her thoughts, surroundings, and emotions.
  • Ice Control: Another power of the Frost King's, Bylur can easily bend ice into whatever she wants it to be. She can crack any type of surface covered in ice and kill anyone with a flick of her wrist. She can make ice disappear.
  • Weather Control: Weather control is another one of Bylur's abilites. She can control weather as long as it's cold and cause a type of uproar; a shower of ice or even create a blizzard.
  • Temperature Control: Bylur can drop the temperature in a room or any location to less than below zero, at deadly temperatures that even the toughest animal can survive, let alone a magic-less human.



  • If there was a film adaption of his books, Thomas claimed he would have liked Addison Rae, a well-known female entrepreneur to portray Bylur.
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